Dress For The Occasion – SALES!

When it comes to sales promotion, what you wear is of paramount importance. You may have personally experienced at some point that appearance matters a lot. This is because we tend to immediately judge a person based on what he wears and how he presents himself. Keeping that in mind, if you would like your marketing strategies for small business to be a hit, you should think about how you dress.

Indeed, your attire could make or break a deal! Dress To Connect and Associate Don’t you automatically feel at ease with a person you can associate with? That is the mantra you should use while dressing up. Keep your customer in mind not just while sketching out business growth strategies but also while choosing your attire. Match your customer and you will win half the battle. For example, if the customer is laid-back, you don’t need to wear formal clothing. P.S. It is needless to say that no matter who your customer may be, your clothes must certainly not be suggestive.

Dress In Sync With The Locals This is especially important if you are in another locality or country for a business meeting or sales promotion. Attire rules and standards are different in different areas. Learning about them and dressing likewise is highly advisable lest you look out of place or end up passing the wrong message. Be Very Neat and Presentable Regardless of the type of attire you must be neat.

Check the mirror before the meeting just to make sure. Things as seemingly petite as unpolished shoes can tick some customers off very quickly. Go Easy On The Odour Heavy perfume or cologne is a big no. It can be an assault on the senses. Talking about odours, you must also make sure your breath is minty fresh and not alcoholic. Furthermore, smoking during or before the meeting is unadvisable. These odours are displeasing and tend to linger and distract.

Create the best first impression and show off your sales and marketing skills in a neat, decent attire! What you wear during a sales promotion or meeting can impact the “first impression” significantly. Thus, keeping a few factors in mind such as the locality, the customer, and neatness will help you make a lasting impression and grow your business.


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Originally posted 2015-08-26 12:15:04.

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