Don’t Give Up Too Soon On Your New Business Idea- Persist to Succeed

You have an active and intelligent imagination and you have a steady stream of ideas. A lot of times you come up with viable new business ideas, but only occasionally does it stay on the course required to bring the ideas to market. This is because the thought of tweaking the product and continuing the development process would seem impossible. This is why many inventors fail. It would be good to remember that there are four rules of invention, product innovation and product development which enables the great idea to make it from your imagination to paper and then to the prototype. Here are some tenets.

Invention requires passion

It is passion that motivates us to persist and persevere. It is your immense enthusiasm which will be able to convince not only others but yourself too about the worthiness of the idea. There is a lot of hard work to do before an idea reaches the point where the prospective customers realize that it is exactly what they have been looking for. If you are really passionate about your new business idea, it will be within your power to embrace the flaws in the idea and find workable solutions for them. Flaws should be seen not as red lights but as starting points for revisions.

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Optimism and Self-talk is Key

A new business idea, not finding the right path to move forward is cause for some pessimism. You need to overcome this pessimism by developing the brain’s optimistic side by employing the technique of ‘self-talk’. This involves actively disputing the pessimistic assessments of the idea. This isn’t just ordinary ‘pep talk’. It is more of a rational and impartial way of viewing a flaw as temporary and something which can be fixed, and which allows you to move ahead to new solutions.

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Begin to Question Everything

As soon as you discover that your new business idea is somehow not working , and this realization can come at any point, you need to look at all the negatives and potential challenges. If problems are uncovered and solved in the beginning itself, there will be fewer hurdles to cross along the the path to success. Questioning one’s pet idea can be frustrating, but objectivity is a must. This will eliminate or lessen the myriad issues which have to be tackled later, like structural flaws and marketing problems.

Trial and Error Helps in the Long Run

You may think that doing a thing once, failing – and doing it all over again is tiresome. Going one more round with the idea, making one more prototype, writing one more description, slogan or marketing message, this may seem to be endless. Your creativity would feel that it has hit rock bottom. This is where persistence comes in. You have to sit down and complete what needs to be done. Just push through the roadblock


There is no magic answer, when the creative idea does not seem to take off. There are multiple ways to tweak an idea to make it better. The path you choose to settle on should depend on your purpose, your audience and your expectations. Be open to criticism and when you find flaws, overcome them with persistence .

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