Business is the driving force of an economy. Different industries bring together various resources in a creative and innovative environment to maximize opportunities and profits.

The tips below will help your move higher in the corporate ladder.

Market your business- this is one key element that will help your business work effectively. It creates awareness of a business and its products and services. Marketing shows us what we want to be, what we want to own and whom we want to be like.


Do not overdo things- it is very okay to nurture your business and invest in it your time, energy and finances but there should be a limit. Do not invest all your money in the business. You never know, something sinister might happen behind your back and you end up starting from scratch.

Value yourself and what you do- have a list of your strengths and weaknesses. How you view yourself is a great deal in your ability to take charge and manage your business better. If you do not value yourself then, who will? Believe in your abilities.

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Have a pleasant personality- in rare cases will you find a slovenly person being respected by their co-workers or their business partners. Good co-relations result in a good working environment and eventually the business becomes fruitful.

Set proper systems- technology is changing every dawn. We get to hear of new innovations every now and then. The world is going digital with almost 50% of Kenya’s population using smart phones.

Build a strong working team- the technology industry is very involving and thus those working in it should have the zeal to bring out the best and focus on what’s ahead. This is an industry where you need to be very aggressive.

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Have a universal mindset- do not limit yourself to a certain thing. An experience in different fields will help you develop your business. Do what others have not done before.

By: Maureen Nyambura

Bsc Communication and Public Relations

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