Delight cakes; offering cutting edge quality pastries at pocket- friendly prices. BY KARUME NITA

Unlike our other entrepreneurs, Clinton Njagi had prior business experience when he was starting delight cakes. He had been running his own bakery and schooling concurrently at Daystar Valley road campus. Unfortunately, things did not work out as expected and he was forced to close down. What would follow was his transfer to Athi river campus, where he was coming to pursue an Economics degree. It was then that he saw an opportunity and went head on for it; he revived the business.


Among his cake suppliers would be Mrs. Musyimi, wife to Rev Musyimi the school’s assistant chaplain, whom he also points out as one of his greatest support in his venture thus far. He also got cake from Dowell’s, a bakery cum hotel outside the school. The chocolate and vanilla flavors were made available to both in campus and off campus students. His tenacity is evident in his sales as well as publicity strategies which included door to door and use of posters respectively. This would eventually pay off in the long run as he now has loyal customers especially in off campus who have taken a liking to his commodities as much as his customer services.

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Balancing of education and the business proved to be a really big challenge. Clinton cites an example whereby a customer places an order and is expecting it to be delivered on time, and maybe he (Clinton) could be in class or somewhere tending to his academics. Fortunately he is able to make due since his hiring of 2 employees, both locals from around the school- to be dealing with the deliveries when he is otherwise busy. On the other hand, employees have their own perks. He confesses of certain days when the set sales target has not been met by the employees with the claim of lack of market.


This he counteracts by personally taking the initiative to sell the cakes. This serves as a model example of the way he expects the employees to perform. Moreover, his suppliers have tended to let him down although in scattered incidences where he finds his order not ready and yet there are customers waiting for their deliveries to arrive and on time. Every entrepreneur works with a passion and even more so when they have motivation. Clinton singles out the slow growth of the business as a result of lack of motivation as well as moral support. There is only so far a person can go with capital, but words of encouragement as well as support serve an even greater purpose- if I may say so.


That being said, it would only be polite to recognize the fact that Clinton has created employment for the locals, a gesture that could only be described as noble. This, together with the experienced gained as well as learning from mistakes is what he ascribes to as his achievements thus far. He is one who believe that challenges make a person, and he would proudly stand to attest to that.

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With off campus as his biggest market compared to in campus, Clinton’s business is steadily growing. He hopes to open a cake shop off campus in the near future and as sure as God is his inspiration, the cake shop is probably just a while away. His mother would no doubt be proud of the son she has raised to follow her steps in business, and in all probability even in success as well.


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