An English writer once said that the people who get on a in this world are those who get up and look for the circumstances they want and if they can’t find them make them.  Setting up a business is not difficult but it is hard work and it does need you to think about things carefully. It is believed that we learn from experience but the job market is seemingly abusing this. An advertisement reads, “Young, energetic, zealous young ladies and gentlemen needed to work with a company. Must have at least 15 years of experience. Qualified candidates send their CVs to…” it is not realistic at all with the 8.4.4 system. For such reasons you find that the youths want to start their own businesses but finances seem to be the greatest hurdle. We all know that you need capital to start a business. Several calls have been made to the government but all we seem to get is empty promises. Money for youths to use on projects that are of benefit to them and their local community is the kind off definition given to these funds. But the question is, what benefits do we return to the society if at all the money doesn’t reach us? During his trip to Kenya, His Excellency President Barrack Obama gave very powerful words empowering the youths because they are the ones to save the nation in the near future. Youths want money to quench their needs and wants; I mean who doesn’t want financial freedom? On the other hand, joblessness has resulted in heightened drug and substance abuse. If you are campaigning against such vices then why not find youths something to do. A lot of emphasis has been made on education in the past but we all know there are those whose mind are business oriented and should be given equal consideration. Acquiring these funds takes a lot of procedures, some of which are not necessary. For instance, HELB loans are given to students in institutions of higher learning for the purposes of school fees and upkeep through an application, why not give loans to youths following such procedures. It’s not logic to ask a young fellow to insure a loan with property because it is obvious they have none that’s theirs probably inherited property. The funds are there but it is most likely they are being misused by those in power. It is quite unfair when we have to be made to wait and wait only to get negative feedback.

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Maureen Nyambura

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