Characteristics of managers that result in poor management

Bad managers can interfere with your work and if you are not careful, halt your career. A bad manager can have an impact on your emotional well-being, as well as your productivity. Unlike other employees you don’t like, you can’t avoid your manager and a bad one will always find a way of interfering with your work. For most people, quitting a job is better than having a confrontation with a bad boss. This is because you are more likely to work in fear which then lowers your ability to be creative and enjoy your job. So, just what are the characteristics of bad managers?

The Narcissist
Everything is about them. When things go right, they take the credit. Only their ideas matter. They never give anyone credit for a good job. All ideas must pass by them and be approved before being executed. Yes, they can also kill your career if they imagine that you are a threat. Working for such a boss can feel worthless as all your work seems to go down the drain. For them, it is all about control and appearing smarter than everyone else.


The Micro-manager
This one has control issues. The micro manager wants to have a say in everything that you do and have you do it the way they would do it themselves. Micromanagers do not trust their teams, no matter how talented they are. They can easily suffocate your creativity and paralyse your ability. Such bosses are always all over your space and never let you make independent decisions.

The Bully
Well, bullies are not only found in high school, they are also in offices causing you to have sleepless nights and have you stretch yourself beyond your limits just to try and please them. Bullies are simply insatiable. No matter how good you are, they will never recognise your efforts. They will walk over anyone just to get to the top. They will shout and scream even with no provocation at all. Bullies simply make your life impossible and have no apologies for it.


The Gatekeeper
The gatekeeper acts as the agent of the bosses. This boss exists to simply do the bidding of those in management and has survived and gotten promoted simply because they play ball to what the management wants. Such managers can ruin your career as they never oppose management and any ideas you raise will simply be crushed because all ideas can only come from higher up.

The Ego-Maniac
This one is good at their job and they know it. However, the egomaniac dismisses everyone’s ideas and is the yardstick of perfection. With such managers, you are always working hard to get their approval and nothing you do is good enough. If you can’t do it as they would, then it is not good enough. They can suppress your creativity and morale. Basically, they are the gold standard of greatness, according to themselves.

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Bad bosses are everywhere. If you are unfortunate enough, then it is important to note that you can never impress them and trying is futile. Most do not realize that they are terrible, but some are horrible just because they want to be.

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