Challenges of Doing Business With The Kenyan Government -@SamGichuru

In a most interesting tweeter conversation today in something popularly known as a tweet storm, Sam Gichuru listed 24 challenges experienced trying to do anything with government, over 200 retweets and extensive conversation followed this discussion, you can click here to follow the original post.

We have summarized, combined the 24 tweets to come up with the 10 most useful ones. We reached out to him for additional information and he expounded on his thoughts:

1. The Lernaean Hydra that is government – it’s a body with many different small heads, a few of those heads are good and others are pure evil, and when you cut one, another appears in its place, its a Herculean task!

2. Control, politics and boot-licking – People spend so much time trying to control information, politicking and boot licking that there is no time left to do actual work, it’s like a primary school with all kids trying to please the teacher by shoving and pushing each other.

3. Power & power brokers – Everyone you meet is speaking to X about Y, 99% of them are lying and their job descriptions do not even allow them to speak about X or even have a meeting with Y, it’s interesting to note that those you think are in control are not but are gate keepers and those who are in control are not aware about your everyday challenge or the fact that gate keepers are keeping you out.

4. Quality of Human Resource –
A lot of smart intelligent people working for the government, but you will also meet a lot of idiots, idiots who can’t be fired. How to know the difference? The good smart people focus and keep their heads down and work, they will also reach out if you are doing something good, the idiots survive by being loud, obnoxious and public facing hence the politicking, they will also reach out if you seem to be of some PR value.

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5. Laws of attraction – The good people working for GOK are always attracted to people who are doing good things, they will reach out, search you and even commit to help the greater good. The corrupt ones are always looking for corrupt private sector members.

6. Media & Government
– What you read is not what is happening, If you ever have the inside scope on an issue flip through the papers and you will quickly learn the media has a separate agenda from the government and from the citizens, the media tanks the country as much as government does with the support of the public.

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7. Good people – The good people who work for GOK are forever ducking situations, they are like people under siege, they can see it’s going wrong and it will hurt other people but they have no say in it, that would be swimming against the current when all they want to do is have a job and feed a family .

8. Private Sector – The private sector is extremely corrupt, they will deliver tenders past the closing time at midnight, briefcase cash, bad citizens end up with a bad government, for sure the same people who complain of bad roads, bad education and bad health services are the same ones who ate your health and drunk your education.

9. Being in Charge
– The people in charge have too many blind spots, watch how their meetings, walks etc are well orchestrated to see what other people want them to see, I would not be surprised if MOI was extremely surprised to find how bad the country was after he was out of power. Imagine yourself surrounded by liars who are scared of you, they will tell you anything you want to hear to keep their job.

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10. Our role
– Estonia was exactly at the same spot 20 years ago, today they have almost completely eradicated corruption, using technology specifically X-Road you can tell any deal ,any contract, any organisation anyone of their citizens is involved in. Technology is only a small part of the solution the rest is a serious change in attitude and a sense of ownership.

Others who joined this conversation are Ory Okolloh @kenyanpundit, Ole Laibuta @Olez, Tim Njiru @timnjiru and Francis hook @DigitFrontiers follow their accounts to see what they had to

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