Can You Have A Successful Soya Bean Business In Kenya? Sarah Burns has the details

Soya Beans to End Malnutrition in African countries

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SEMA Solution For Hunger In Africa

Soya bean is a crop that can end hunger and malnutrition. It can be grown by farmers as a staple food  and can be used in many ways. Soya producing is the perfect business to help end hunger in Kenya.

In Europe, America and North America people have been this amazing plant for some time. It’s loved  by people who are concerned with their health. There are many heath and nutritious benefits. Many vegans use soy to replace meat products as well.kenyan women

In Africa malnutrition is still very high and  diets are not well balanced in many households. Protein deficiency is a major cause of malnutrition. Soya beans are very high in protein content. They are essential to being healthy, especially for growing children.

SEMA Solution intends to promote soya to become staple food in African countries.

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YouTube Video Kenya farmers need to harness potentials of growing soy

Soya bean plantation


It’s possible for each rural household with a piece of land to plant on at least ¼ acre and produce 100 kg of  beans needed for annually consumption of five people. The requirements are few: only 5kg of seeds, a 1/ 4 acre of land, the family members will provide manual labour for production and preparation. Ordinary tools and materials readily available in the will work. The total investment needed to allow a single household to produce the quantity of soya beans to feed them for a year is about KSH 1600 per annum.


Soya bean production is an income generation activity. By investing less than KSH 8,400, a farmer can generate a profit of KSH 84,0O0 on one acre of land annually. A farmer will need only 25 kg of seeds, one acre of land, some tools and manpower. You can generate more income with soya bean production than maize, cassava or bean production!


Soya milk making


At home you can use soya food products in a huge variety of recipes. You can prepare soya foods from home grown soya beans or buy them at a local market. A family of five will need 100 kg soya bean grains annually. A price of one kilo of soya bean grains is less than KSH 84. Two kilos of soya bean grains per week is enough to provide nutrition to a family of five.

Soya milk making unit


With less than KSH 840,000 you can build and operate a small scale unit to produce soy food: soy milk, tofu, soy flour, etc. and generate at least KSH 84,000 every month. That’s pretty incredible!


You can buy and sell soya products in a retail shops.There are  also restaurant opportunities being created through this industry. Opening a restaurant in your city – you can invest less than KSH 168,000 and make a monthly profits of KSH 42,000.

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Examples of  Projects to End Hunger and Malnutrition:

  • Support  for famers in soya production
  • Soya will provide Income generation
  • School feeding with  nutritious soya foods
  • Nutrition Improvement  overall from soya consumption

YouTube Video: Soya Bean Farmer Embraced In Kisumu

Africa Do Business Ltd   can provide you technical assistance in designing  projects to fit your needs. This is an excellent way to deal with so many issues all at once. I hope you find yourself inspired to help a family in Africa get their farm started today!

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  1. Soya

    If weeding is every two weeks for 3 moths ,the labour costs will be too high.Is there a cheaper way ,say applying some chemicals?
    Please give breakdown of cost per acre and approximate return.

    How long does it take to mature in hot weather?

  2. Soya

    If weeding is every two weeks ,the labour costs will be too high.Is there a cheaper way ,say applying some chemicals?
    Please give breakdown of cost per acre and approximate return.

    How long does it take to mature in hot weather?

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