Business Incubators a future for Kenya’s Innovation

The academic sector in Kenya is growing fast in terms of innovation.

This can be attributed to very interesting things taking shape in the academic circles like startups, spinouts and spin-offs.

Innovation and discovery in the recent past has been done in academic institutions therefore helping in research for various things that can be marketable.

Kenyatta university has embraced such innovations through the Chandaria business Innovation & Incubation Centre which was facilitated by Manu Chandaria Foundation and Youth Enterprise Development Fund

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This will go along way in provision of ideas and discoveries in the university helping students to become viable in innovation of products and startups.

It will also help students come up with genius ideas for their labs and lecture halls and be able to translate the same into viable commercial products and businesses.

Kenyatta university under the centre’s slogan ” from job seekers to job creators ” will help them move the innovations to the market and in turn help change the culture of innovation in line with Kenya’s Vision 2030.

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This will help in making successful ventures out of innovative ideas crafted from the centre.

In the past, business schools were meant for future business executives while engineering schools were for future engineers.

That is about to end because launching a venture like Chandaria business Innovation & Incubation Centre is multi-faceted thing, the Centre will bring about amalgamation of different disciplines in engineering, business, law, medicine, communications and others that will help in innovations.

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The centre will help in shaking up academic communities in the country, and help the institution stay true on their original purpose in this entreprenueal and innovative age.

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