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TheFounder Magazine focuses on starting, running and growing a business in Kenya today. We are driven by creating content that inspires, informs and motivates young entrepreneurs towards sustainable growth of business. Because of this we’re looking for unique stories, insights and tips from entrepreneurs who have a great story to tell and an understanding of writing.

Why contribute on TheFounder Magazine

Once you make it to TheFounder Magazine Contributors, we’ll promote your stories width and depth, including 50,000+ monthly readers on this platform, our thousands of email subscribers and our 50 thousand+ social media followers! This platform will also give you more credibility as an industry expert which is good for you and your brand. Providing you with a broader platform to spread your content is our number one priority. Know more about us

If you are still reading on then it means so far you like what you’re reading. Keep reading

We will respond to your request only if we like your concept

General Requirements

– We want the real you in your stories (that’s why you are the one writing them and not our writers), we want your personality and character. Develop your style, be creative and make it unique. we want you to be able to have an on demand readership

– Quality is paramount, we have serious issues with low quality content (i bet you don’t like low quality content too). If the content is not yet where we need it to be in terms of quality, it will be sent back for revisions.

– Content submitted here will be exclusive, if you have already shared it somewhere or intend to share it somewhere else after sharing it here we will not allow it.

– At the beginning of this page, we mentioned briefly what TheFounder Magazine is, what it focuses on, who the target audience is and also the geographical location. Kindly have this in mind when developing your story

– We want content that inspires action and provides solutions where there are challenges. Don’t write something here unless its actionable. We left terminologies and business principles to old school publishers (you know who)

– The attention span for our target audience is very low, keep your stories between 300 and 500 words unless its an in-depth industry report which should be between 1000 to 1500 words.

– You need to be involved in promoting your story, as much as the entire Founders community will be sharing, it is our requirement that contributors must share the story on all their platforms once the post goes live. Together we can ensure that your post becomes a massive success!

– Re-posting. Once published on TheFounder Magazine, contributors are not permitted to re-post their article on any other websites or media outlets.

– Content rights. If we do not end up publishing your contribution within 3 months, you are free to use this article anywhere else on the web. We do not own the rights to your piece.

Your concept

– Tell us your concept. We only need the concept; What your column will be called, what it will be focusing on and many more

Three to five story ideas (headlines)
One to two sentences summarizing the main idea of the post, not to exceed 100 words.
A basic outline of what you intend to write, and what direction you want to take.
Links to 3 previous samples that are similar to what you would write for TheFounder Magazine.

– Each piece of published content will include a bio box, link to your site and four social media links of your choice.

– If your concept is accepted, then we’ll proceed and ask you to submit a draft. At that point we will decide on opening for you a contributors account.

The Finer details

– You acknowledge that TheFounder Magazine will accept this as formal acknowledgement to the terms and conditions.

Before sending us any contributions or submissions you indemnify TheFounder Magazine from any claim or impairment that may arise as a consequence of your ‘factual’ statements being fictitious or any infringement of a right of any third-party.

By accepting to be a contributor, you accept the terms and conditions in relation to each and every single piece within your submission, including but not limited to copy, photographs and illustrations sent to us.

Once you qualify to be a contributor, you will be given a contributors account which will last for four months from the date of first submission

You will be required to submit two stories in a week

Consistency is key, make sure you meet your deadlines

At any given point you will like to stop contributing to TheFounder Magazine you will give a one month in advance written notice before you leave

All written content submitted to TheFounder Magzine is for the exclusive sole use of TheFounder Magzine and not to be re-purposed or reused in any other media or on the internet.

By sending us photographs you authorize the following:

> You are the sole owner and copyright holder of the photograph taken and that all the rights attached to the image belong to you;

> The photograph was not taken in the engagement for ‘workhire’, as a member of staff or whatever-or any other pact of whereof ownership or other explicit privileges, which may affect the prospect of publishing the photograph, imparted or imparted to any other individual;

> The photograph is not co-operative or a plagiaristic piece of work;

> The photograph is original.

No liability can be taken for the condition and precision of copy supplied and our editors may edit your copy where they deem necessary. The publishers protect the right to reject and amend any contribution/material supplied. We take no responsibility for typographical mistakes and omissions.

All materials submitted may be used as future advertising or publicity for TheFounder Magazine. The views and attitude are not necessarily those of the publisher. No fault will be taken for any judgment made by the reader, consequently resulting to opinions.

We accept everything from text to illustrations to photographs. Please submit any images as low-resolution for us to review along with all credits.

If you feel you are ready and want to be part of revolutionary brand of influencer  then go ahead and fill out the form below!

Some of the content in this section was borrowed from Foundr

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Once you make it to TheFounder Magazine Contributors, we’ll promote your stories width and depth, including 50,000+ monthly readers on this platform, our thousands of email subscribers and our 50 thousand+ social media followers! This platform will also give you more credibility as an industry expert which is good for you and your brand.

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