Arise, shake it off and move on, there is hope. It’s worth it!!!

It is true you will face different challenges every now and then, but that should not make you quit, you will make it, trust me. They have been there, done that, and this is how they did it. You too, can make it. Arise, shake it off and move on.

The many challenges that stood in the way of George Wachiuri’s earlier start-ups did not dampen his hopes of becoming a successful businessman. Today Mr Wachiuri, the CEO of Optiven Limited Investments, can look back at the hurdles which dogged him for more than 15 years with a smile. This is because the real estate developer has earned prestigious accolades over time.

They include the company’s surprise ranking as the overall winner in the Top 100 mid-sized companies 2014/15 edition. Optiven was also the best real estate company in the mid-sized category. Mr Wachiuri’s journey to the top was strewn with hurdles. He described the path through his previous 15 enterprises as depressing, stressing but also rewarding. He recalls a time when he sold his property to refund a client’s money after making a Sh5 million loss in a deal gone sour.

“After the loss I swore that I would never do business again, but I remembered that winners never quit and quitters never win,” he said. Mr Wachiuri founded Optiven as a general supplies entity which diversified operations into the real estate sector in 2008.

“My previous businesses failed but they acted as a lesson to do better, my appetite for taking risks grew as a result of many failed ventures that I started.” Among his failed enterprises were joint ventures, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

“I learnt from the initiatives that no one should ever give up. I learnt to focus on my vision, trust in God, be self-disciplined, network relentlessly, be passionate about my undertakings, work smart and hire people who are smarter than me,” he said.

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Originally posted 2015-07-20 12:02:16.

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