Are you thinking of starting a consultancy firm??? Here is what you NEED to know first!

If you start a consultancy business, you will be seeking to sell one thing to your clients – knowledge. For instance, if you are skilled in matters of planning a wedding then you can start a wedding consultancy firm. If you have excellent social media skills you can start a social media consultancy firm. Likewise, if you are a good goat farmer, dating specialist, cook, security person, lawyer, doctor, engineer, IT professional or environmentalist etc. the doors are wide open for you to engage in consultancy business.

1.Your Knowledge, Your Business

Do not start a consultancy firm in a field you’re not 100% comfortable with. The kind of knowledge you offer is what sets your business apart from the competition. If you appear knowledgeable and helpful in the eyes of your clients then definitely they are going to give you more business. On the other hand, if you continuously give them half-baked information without much research to back it then they are going to leave you for someone else.

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It is therefore imperative to be knowledgeable and experienced in your particular niche beforehand.

2: Specialize and Perfect

Don’t cast your net too wide. Start with a small, super-specific niche and gradually build your profile from there. For instance, it would not be wise to start a PR/ Environment Research/ History of Kenya/ Car Import Consultancy Firm as this might send a signal that you are not focused. Moreover, it is naturally difficult to keep track of new developments in multiple industries at a go.

So, if it is goat farming, let it be goat farming consultancy. If it is environment matters, let it be just that. Specialization will make it easier for your clients to trust you.


3: Invest in Good Networks

Networking is key in consultancy business since most clients come in through referrals. To ensure stable flow of demand for your services  make sure you start building your networks early enough. Invest in a few business cards and keep distributing them to your potential market. Host a few events (these could be free events and seminars), in your area of consultancy to strengthen the bond with your target audience.

As word about your consultancy services spreads out, your business will gradually gain a footing.

4: Invest in an Office

Although physical offices are not mandatory in this business, it is important to have a reputable location where you can refer some of your clients to in case they need further consultations. Lack of such a location can make you seem like a fly by night warrior who is out to make some quick cash and then disappear into thin air.

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If you don’t have the capital to invest in a new office then you can consider sub-letting.

5: Blog About It

Nothing beats blogging when it comes to establishing one’s online authority in a particular area of life. A blog makes it easier to establish a bond with your online clients. Moreover, those looking for your services via search engines such as Google can find you easily through your optimized articles. No matter the type of consultancy you’re embarking on, having a blog to connect with your audience is highly recommended.


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