A success story of why You SHOULD NEVER give up on your Business. Meet Ruth Mwanzia, Director, Koola Water,

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”. Edith Wharton.

A 26 year old lady who comes from Kitui County, a very semi-arid area, realized that people were not having clean water to drink and because of her passion towards humanity, she decided to start a business that would purify water and people could access it. Ruth was able to start the business through the financial support from her family, input of a venture capitalist and her savings. She had the idea and shared it with other people who believed in it. This made it possible for her to overcome the fear of being young and having big dreams.

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She says that personal discipline is the key to the growth of any business. Time management is also very important, she once lost a client because of being late. Time management involves having a schedule and following it.

The main challenge she has faced is competition. They have been able to overcome this by doing very unique packaging and using the best technology to purify the water they distribute. They have also employed good marketing strategy. She says that market penetration takes time hence it has been tough to make potential customers appreciate their products.

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Ruth started her business in November 2014and has 3 member of staff and one business consultant. The employees aggressively market the products. The marketing officer goes to events and exhibitions where he advertises the water making it possible for the company to be known. This has borne fruits for the water is sold in supermarkets in Rongai, Kitui and Githunguri.

She hopes to scale her business with plans to put up a plant in Kitui.

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