A kenyan startup (Delisasa) that promises to make your business grow rampantly across Africa-@alexmurimi BY EILEEN KAIRU

Delisasa is the newest form of business marketing that promises to make your business grow rampantly across Africa. We talk to Alex Murimi, the co-founder of the enterprise just to get a clear insight on how it has worked for them and how it can work for you.

The first question that pops in every business-oriented mind is “How do I make my business grow?” and Alex Murimi has created a permanent answer to all entrepreneurs with this dilemma. Delisasa is an online discovery service that provides basic information on small businesses in Africa looking for that ultimate growth. The word ‘Deli’ simply means shop and ‘sasa’ is Swahili for now; so they are basically telling you to Shop now by taking a tour around the site. Think of it as a convenient store of diverse businesses. www.delisasa.com

Alex gives a clear historical account on how Delisasa came to be,

“I was having so many debates with my friends last year on how Africa needs to bolster their Inter-Africa trade which is at 10% at the moment whereas in continents like Europe, it’s at 60%. We realized that it was this low because there is no set tool to discover great African businesses to trade with both as a consumer and as a business entity as well. So my friend, Lawrence Mwaniki, and I started writing code for this in mid-Feb this year and launched it on 5th March.”



Without a doubt, Alex is clear cut on his plans and ambitions. Writing a code and launching it within a month is definitely no joke. He humbly accepts that it was a challenge but it was worth every hustle. At this point of the interview, it was crystal clear that I was dealing with a nerd and I just had to ask if he considered himself one. Giggling uncontrollably, he responded,

[Tweet “…unless the definition of a nerd is a guy who likes technology and loves tinkering with it, then…I am a nerd.”]

Alex is an Electrical Engineering student at UON who insists that he has other interests apart from ‘tinkering with technology’. He has an ardent love for fast Wi-Fi (I guess this is a pre-requisite for every nerd), pizza, reading business magazines and listening to house music. I got to say, for a nerd, he is doing alright.

Since its birth, Delisasa houses 130 businesses, with more than 2000 monthly hits and more than 60 active users. On top of all this success, they have been featured on Techmoran and the Business Daily. As a young entrepreneur, you may ask why you should even consider having your business on Delisasa. Well, the answer is simple, exposure! The aim of any business is to make business eventually and since Delisasa offers exposure at no extra cost, what are you waiting for? As for the casual surfer, you are not left out either because you get to discover new investment opportunities and even get innovative ideas that are linked with other businesses on the site.

As for his future plans, all Alex can say is “Watch this space Africa.” His determination is quite contagious and I felt optimistic after that intellectual interview. Alex Murimi is sure he is going to leave a mark in the tech world, where will you leave your mark?

Originally posted 2015-07-02 13:00:30.

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