With the increasing number of cars on our roads, demand for repair and service of these cars keeps growing each day. One of the viable business ideas to consider therefore, will be a garage business in Kenya. Starting a garage business in Kenya, especially in the major towns or outskirts can be a good way of taking advantage of this growing demand.

An advantage of garage business in Kenya is that you will not need to stock anything. Any requirement will be bought only when needed. Let us go through what is required to set up a garage business in Kenya. This is just an overview, you will have to determine the detailed requirements and exact costs at the time of surveying the market when you intend to set up.


Garage business in Kenya or any other place targets cars. Therefore, the best location to set up will be near locations with many cars. The place has to be easily accessible to cars and should be visible, at least as you start up. This will help market your garage business.

Getting an ideal location requires looking around for empty yards or plots. Identify the owner of the yard or plot and agree on payment terms. The amount will depend on location and size of the plot. You may agree on monthly or quarterly payments.

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A location near residential areas with many cars or next to a road will be ideal for your garage business in Kenya. The space should also be large enough to accommodate a good number of cars at the same time.

Licenses and permits

You will require a business permit from the county government and a certificate of good conduct from Criminal Investigations Department of the Kenya Police Service.

Once you identify the plot and have agreed with the plot owner, you need to consult the county government and CID who will authorize your garage business after inspection. The county government business permit will cost you about Ksh30,000 and certificate of good conduct from CID about Ksh50,000 annually. Before you start wondering exactly how much you will need, and before you finalise your budget, please visit the CID and county government to confirm the exact amounts to be paid and requirements.


Your garage business in Kenya will require mechanics to help you in the repairs and service of vehicles. If you don’t have good mechanical skills, you can engage qualified and experienced mechanics at a commission. There are plenty of qualified and experienced mechanics in the market.

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Commission payments will depend of the number of cars attended to and the costs involved. In addition, do not forget to engage an auto electrician for electrical jobs. Your garage should at best have people of all skills including car body experts.


As you plan to set your garage business in Kenya, one of the most important requirements is a good set of tools. Simple tools such as spanners, screw drivers, pliers, hammers etc. are basically required for a start. Remember to buy spanners of all sizes, small sizes such as 10 mm up to bigger sizes such as 30 mm.

Other special tools can be bought or fabricated with time. Just have the basics for a start. With time, you will identify more that you need, depending on the work that you will be performing.

Tips for success

Finally, remember that you don’t need to start all alone. If you wish, you can team up with other like minded investors and share the start up costs. You can team up with others with skills in different areas such as electrical, body works, spray painting, mechanical etc and form a formidable force.

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Customer service and negotiation skills will be top requirements in the garage business. Ensure that car owners meet the costs of spares that are used in their vehicles. Your job will be identifying the requirements, fitting them and charging for your service.

Remember to provide the best services to your clients as they will be the ones who will advertise your garage business and car repair services to their friends and family members who may need recommendations for good and dependable garage shops. Always be honest in your dealings with your clients. Many times you will handle cash given by clients to buy parts. Just buy what is required at the best prices and fit as required. Honesty and reliability will build your business and get you many more clients.

Do not remain jobless simply because there are few formal jobs in Kenya. Start a garage business in Kenya today and enjoy the fruits of the car boom that Kenya has experienced in recent years.

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