8 Business Ideas in Kenya's Entertainment & Event Management Industry

Kenya has a booming entertainment and events management sector. Most of the top businesses are doing quite well but this does not make it impossible for upcoming ones to join the market. If you have the passion and drive needed to make it in this industry here are some 8 business ideas to keep in mind. 
(1)Bouncy castles rentals

There are many kid’s entertainment joints that lack this important facility. If you can afford to buy several bouncy castles and then look for upcoming kids events and market it there then you can make some good business.

Budget: Ksh150,000 – Ksh5,000,000


(2)Disc Jockey Service

Dee Jaying is good business nowadays. All you need to do to excel in this business is go for training and buy (or hire) deejaying equipment. Next, you market yourself to corporate and clubs. Job done!

Budget: Ksh500,000 – Ksh5,000,000


(3)Event and party planning

Do you have a knack for planning parties and events? This could be the right business for you. All you need to do is carry out a bit of research. See what other organizers are doing wrong and capitalize on that to penetrate into the market.

Budget: Ksh200,000 – Ksh1,000,000


(4) Party entertainer

Are you a good artist, musician, puppeteer, comedian or poet? Then all you need to do is to brand yourself and start marketing yourself to party organizers. Many of the successful musicians and artists we talk about nowadays started just like this.

Budget: Ksh0 – Ksh500,000


(5)Events MC or hypeman

Do you have the confidence and ability to bring boring events back to life? Well with your skills, you can start the business of professional emceeing – target corporate events and you’ll never be disappointed.


Budget: Ksh250,000 – Ksh1,000,000


(6)Proposal writing

Are you really good at writing project proposals? You’ll be surprised to learn that many people struggle to find assistance in this area. Why don’t you make it your business and make good money even from your home?

Budget: Ksh0 – Ksh100,000


(7)Organize parties for singles only

As interesting as this idea sounds, so are the opportunities that come with it. A large part of our population is composed of people who are single and ready to mingle. Why don’t you beat other party organizers by organizing such parties in exclusive, private venues?

Budget: Ksh1,000,000 – Ksh5,000,000


(8)Wedding consultant

The number of people opting for serious weddings is on the increase nowadays. If you are good at planning wedding events then this could be the right business for you.

Budget: Ksh500,000 – Ksh10,000,000

As I always tell my audience, business ideas are like sand…they are everywhere but only few people manage to see the jewels in them. It’s my hope that you’ll benefit from this guide.


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Originally posted 2015-08-05 10:04:49.

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