60 Seconds To Managing Your Time (And Having Some Left For Yourself)

The most profitable businesses are the ones that can manage time efficiently. Small businesses are often hard pressed in this regard because they usually have too much to do and the workforce is smaller. As a result, every single team member has a lot on his plate. In order to increase productivity, though, time management is an absolute must.

Here, we look at a few methods that will help us with that

Be Realistic Right From The Beginning

The motto of the most profitable businesses is to get going. It is not to be perfect. If you chase perfection all the time and settle for nothing less than the best, you will find yourself stuck. In entrepreneurship, the goal is to get things done efficiently. They do not have to be perfect. Many businesses have failed to take off because the founders were too busy trying to take every step perfectly that they forgot to move ahead. There is always room for improvement and you can improve on your way up. The goal is to start!

Give Your Brain The Break It Deserves

Did you know that the human brain can only function efficiently at a stretch for 90 minutes? It uses up its energy in this time and thereafter slows down. This is why you should give your brain breaks especially if your work is totally dependent on it. The break could be just 5 minutes long. That’s enough time for your brain to recharge. Of course, taking at least two longer breaks per day is advisable. Do not expect your brain to work already nonstop. That’s the fastest way of driving profitability away from your business.

Focus Is Important – Do Not Multitask

The common notion that multitasking is the need of the hour is WRONG. Studies have shown that multitasking decreases profitability and increases the risk of missing a deadline. Set your priorities and do one thing at once. Set the timer if need be to remind you that you have other tasks to attend to. Do not, however, try doing everything in one.

Most profitable businesses are made through focus and efficiency that is achieved through time management. If you follow these three simple steps, you will be able to finish your work on time and go back home to spend happy moments with your family members. They take not more than 60 seconds to implement and reap rewards.

Entrepreneurial Learning

Increase productivity by ensuring that you manage your time efficiently. 24 hours a day are enough to finish off all your work and spare time for your personal life. The secret is to manage time well by being realistic, cutting distractions, taking breaks, and focusing.

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