4 Marketing Tips for Every Entrepreneur

As a third-generation entrepreneur, I’m inspired by the “do-ers.” The people who take an idea or dream and then make it a reality. From my grandparents’ café, to my grandmother’s bridal boutique, to my parents’ watch and jewelry store to the lawn and landscaping business I own with my husband – all entrepreneurial businesses require a strong sense of action.

That strong sense of action makes up the cultural ethos of Saxum, which led Renzi Stone, CEO, to support me in the launch of a new division of Saxum called Lithos (“large stone” in Greek), a dedicated team that currently serves Saxum’s entrepreneurial clients. We’re meeting demand in a market that is growing.

So, let’s say you’re a startup tech company or professional services organization looking to expand into new markets. You need an integrated communications strategy to reach your audiences. But where to start? Here are a few foundational elements any business needs to get off on the right communications foot:

  1. Solid branding. Naming or re-naming an organization is no easy task. It’s a detailed, creative process that takes time and brainpower – and it’s not cheap – but it’s essential to get it right the first time. Avoid these major naming pitfalls. Further, any name produced by a communications agency should be properly vetted by an intellectual property attorney.
  1. Claim your space(s). Once you’ve selected and vetted a name, claim it everywhere you can. You’ll need your website URL (and all domains), as well as unique social URLs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Mobile optimization is a must for any website design. We live in a smartphone world!
  1. Message mapping. Mission, vision and values are standard messaging elements for every business. Don’t skimp here, either. When it comes to a mission statement, be specific and straightforward. Some really well-known brands could use help in this area. Core values like honesty, transparency and safety come standard in any industry. What do you value that sets you apart? Saxum has a distinguishing set of values (bonus – they form an acronym!).
  1. Expert positioning. It’s that simple. Identify your strengths, and then share them. Don’t make a hard sell – it’s about building name recognition and building trust. Reach out to local media and let them know you’re there to help; better yet, suggest a timely topic that impacts their readership. Build your digital presence and share your knowledge. Keep it authentic, and you’re guaranteed to succeed.
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Entrepreneurs mix action with creativity, flexibility and guts. We have that in common. You’ll hear more from Lithos. In the meantime, you can find me out and about – having coffee at Elemental, eating lunch at Café do Brasil or volunteering with Uptown 23rd.


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