Enough of tarmacking, Enough of worthless hustles.But for what reasons? Kenya Commercial Bank, has set aside 50 billion shillings programme,to create permanent jobs for almost 2.5 million youths in the next five years in Kenya.

The 2jiajiri program

This 50 billion youth plan, titled 2jiajiri, aims at benefiting at least 500000 youths in our country, overseeing the long term positive effects of wealth creation and eradication of unemployment. The sole targeted individuals of this project are the youthful entrepreneurs in the informal sector of the economy, who will be provided with vocational and enterprise development skills.

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Work schedule

To the already existing entrepreneurs, the program will boost their ideas and give them utmost support while for the upcoming entrepreneurs who are yet to step up in the limelight, they will receive technical training, financial support for startup and business advice. Just so you know, 2000 youths have already joined the program in different institutions country wide for the three to six months courses.Upon completion, they will be inculcated in twelve month incubation project.

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Small to medium business stand to benefit the most

Among the youths who are entrepreneurial, three quater of them own small to medium business. According to the KCB foundation, who will be running the program, 70% of the targeted group is the existing young entrepreneurs, while the remaining beneficiaries will be established businesses.

Expected positive outcome

According to KCB Group chief executive Joshua Oigara, the youths hold the greatest sway in the trajectory that the East African Economy will take.By setting aside 10 billion annually in the next five years towards driving the enterprise development program for youths, it will dignify the informal sector and give skills needed to churn the business generation into a big success. Also, KCB Group chairman Mr Ngeny Biwott, said that the project will boost governments plan to raise youth empowerment thus increasing the economic prospects of the country.

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It’s a worthwhile project, you’ve got to try it out.

By Inzillia Sasi

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