Meet Josphat who makes sugarcane juice, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra

By Brian Njanjo

A hot day walking lazily headed to our shopping carter to grab a glass of juice then I overhear two students talking of a sugar juice which was being vended. It interests me and I head for the shop to grab one and have a taste of it.

I meet one Josphat Muturi the vender he was busy running cane through a machine which squeezes the juice out of the cane. I request for a glass of the juice and as I sip it I converse with him.

Having graduated and looking for work he feels advises from his parents to boring employed unpleasant music for his years. He wants to be self-employed, create job opportunities and also empower his peers. He wants to prove wrong the notion that “that I must be employed”

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He confides in me that he had tried several business all in vain until he visited one of his friend’s house who owned a sugarcane juicer and thought of making sugarcane juice for commercial purpose. He knows that it wouldn’t be an opportunity until he acts on it.

As we were talking students continued to flocking I observed the juice he had prepared wasn’t enough he had to make more to satisfy all customers. I asked him of his future plans because of the large number of customers he told me he was in the process of launching a pure vegetarian restaurant that would future a juice parlor , a grocery and a food restaurant.

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Apart from sugarcane juice he sells other juices like mango juice and passion juice and brown chapatis. I observed the clients were mostly students. I asked his main challenge in this work and he told me it was lack of proper storage equipment like a fridge and the fact that the space he operated was a temporary place. He also found it difficult to get more customers since most of his publicity he did it through word of mouth.

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Being a strong Christian he tells me that his motivation comes from the fact that motivation comes from the fact that it is a service to God and he is a servant and friend to man.

I ask him of what he would advise others and say that we can be a solution to Kenya’s unemployment problem all we need are ideas, innovation and institute and money will come as bonus.

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