22 year old Zia Jepkemei Bett, a proud owner of Zia collections-BY DIING MAGOT

Passion and determination are the characteristics of 22 year old Zia Jepkemei Bett who is a proud owner of Zia collections. Even though she has other commitments such as being a 4th year, community development student, it didn’t stop her from her desire for fashion.

Zia started the business with her sister in 2013 by transporting clothes from Australia. The clothing line is not only trendy but also made for young women between ages 18 -30.According to Zia her clothes attract the youth because they are unique and affordable.


“I came up with Zia collections because I realized that clothes in Australia are affordable, so I saw this as an opportunity to sell clothes here in Kenya”. She said.

Zia collections is an online business which has progressed by the many followers that Zia has on Facebook and instragram which is used by young people to socialize. But for Zia it was an opening to showcase her clothes and take orders from her followers.

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According to Zia ,‘’It was challenging in the beginning because some customers wanted to try clothes before they buy it, and because we are only two it can be very hectic to run the business, But despite the challenges the business has grown a lot.”

Running Zia collections has made Zia to put God first in her business and to also keep an account of every transaction that takes place in her business.

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Zia is currently designing her own brand and has a supplier who creates clothes from her sketches. Her future plans are to own her own store and to expand Zia collections in East Africa and beyond. She also encourages the youth to trust their instincts and follow their passion.

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