16 Books every Entrepreneur should read

# Rework: A different and refreshing way of looking at entrepreneurship, work and the current hype out there. Want an example? Here you go: Why fail when you can also make it right the first time?

# Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less.

# Smartcuts: How hackers, innovators, and icons accelerate success.

# Choose Yourself: How to not get nuts as an entrepreneur!

# Show Your Work: Creating things and getting noticed are two completely different things. But one can’t live without the other. Learn how you can share your work and get your stuff noticed…

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# Predictable Revenue: The title says it all…

# The Education of Millionaires: Everything you won’t learn in college about how to be successful.

# The Lean Startup: A classic in startup education. A must read for everyone that wants to know how to build a product in the ever changing environment we live in today.

# The Obstacle is the Way: The timeless art of turning obstacles into triumph.

# The Ultimate Sales Machine: Get it and turbocharge your business! No questions asked…

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# The Perfectly Executed Startup: My book for all early stage founders out there and people that want to start a company. Based on years and years of work in the startup scene and as founder.

# Burning Entrepreneur: Burn baby burn!

# Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future

# The Personal MBA: This is the bible for people that don’t want to waste money on an MBA…

# Rich Dad Poor Dad: How do rich people think and how do they teach it to others.


# Confessions Of An Entrepreneur: Welcome to the dark/true side of being an entrepreneur. Read the stuff people don’t talk about. Written by yours truly…

What are your top reads for Entrepreneurs?! Let me know!

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